Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ringing in the New Year/WIPocalypse

Woo hoo, so we’ve made it through 2011. That’s good and now we just have to survive next year, haha.
I’ve signed up to participate in the 2012 WIPocalypse, as hosted by Measi at Measi's Musings. Here’s where my list stands right now:
1.     David Tennant (Quick and Easy magazine)
2.    Snow White (Leisure Arts princess book)
3.    Halloween Pony (Linda Gillum)
4.    Animal Heads Kit
5.    London at Twilight (Maria Diaz, Cross Stitch Gold magazine)
6.    Picture for my mom
These are the projects I currently have going. Some of them I started last year and some of them are old. (Like the animal heads kit…. Yeah, not even sure when it was started haha).
Progress wise I would definitely like to finish several of these this year. For now though I’m going to be a bit conservative and say that I’d like to work on each of them this year and at least move them along. I’d also like to start some pictures too, so that will make progress slower J. Good thing this list can be flexible. Pending the acquisition of the necessary floss and fabric these are the pictures I hope to start:
1.     SK Blue Moon (HAED)
I’ve signed up for my first freebie SAL on the HAED bulletin board so we’ll see how this goes!
2.    Summer Lady (Maria Diaz, Cross Stitch Gold)
This is one seasonal lady in a set that’s based on the art style of Alphonse Mucha. I figured she would be cheery enough to stitch on if I manage to start her this winter J.
3.    Sloth (HAED, Marta Dahlig)
I’ve been a fan of Marta’s work and especially this series for several years, so when I saw HAED had charted the whole set I decided to take the plunge. I’m very excited and intimidated at the same time, haha.
4.    Epic Sailor Moon project
If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m sort of a fan of Sailor Moon J. (Ha, there’s an understatement, right?). I finally finished planning out the characters and layout for what I’m terming my Epic Sailor Moon picture, based mostly on Alcnaurewen's sprites. I say epic because I need to lay my hands on 2 yards of 16 count fabric before I can begin, hehe. So it’s a bit on the large side. Stay tuned J.
So once again as most of the things I want to stitch on are rather large, I probably won’t be seeing too many finishes next year. But hey, at least I’m going to have lots of fun J.
I also thought I’d show the sprite I made my mom for Christmas, which she turned into a coaster. It’s a Santa girl sprite, designed once again by Dork Stitch. In all probability, more of her sprites will make their way onto next year’s list too J.

I hope everyone has a fantastic time celebrating the start of the new year and that you have a great stitching week!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Allons-y! A Doctor Who Christmas Special

I’m continuing to work on previously started pictures and this time I pulled out David again. He is no longer just a floating head- now he has a shirt and part of a tie too! After the tie begins the long haul through his suit and coat but we’ll get there eventually!

I hope everyone has a very lovely holiday J
Have a great stitching week!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Gang's All Here

After finishing all the Christmas stitching I was excited to get back to some of my other projects. Since I had initially planned on finishing my set of Sailor Scouts last month (before I got distracted) I decided to return to them first. So here are the last three, Sailors Pluto and Mini Moon, and Tuxedo Mask:

And here is the whole group, looking very colorful together:

These were so much fun to stitch! Once again they were designed by the very talented missy-tannenbaum at Dork Stitch, who this month alone has already put up handfuls of other sprites that I want to stitch too! But as for this group, the plan is to cut them out, attach ribbon and felt and hang them on my Christmas tree! Everyone else gets stocking ornaments, me, I get Scout ornaments, haha.
Have a great stitching week!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Red Stocking and the End of Christmas Stitching!?

At least I hope so, haha. I may end up helping my mom make some more presents, but that stitching won’t be Christmas themed.
I was really slowing down in the mojo department with this one. After having to frog part of the outer border right at the beginning I could already sense that this one was going to be a challenge. I still like the design, as it goes well with the other two stockings, but it was just rather slow going. Especially as I was getting distracted and working on little bits of other projects J.
Since it was the last one though, I used that thought for motivation to power through. That and the Christmas music, which really helped too. (Or was meant to. It got to the point where I was thinking, “Let’s finish this part by the end of the CD. Hmmm, ok, but definitely finish by the end of the next CD. Ok… you’re not even stitching are you, you’re just listening to music!”) Haha, yeah… that’s me sometimes J .
In the end I did finish though. So here’s the fabled red stocking, complete with difficult-to-see-shiny-backstitch, which actually went pretty smoothly. Maybe I’m finally getting the hang of it J .

Now all that remains is to turn these little pictures into pillow ornaments! Piece of cake, right?
Have a great stitching week!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blue Christmas

That’s for sure, haha. I’ve been seeing only blue this week, but as a result a small stitching miracle has occurred and I finished two more presents! Color me surprised, for now the end is in sight J . Here is the first gift, a blue stocking to match the green one, with a different snowflake design:

And a blue ornament as well:

Thanks once again for all your lovely comments and encouragement, they’re really helping me get through these quickly J . Now for a brief break before tackling my last stocking!
Have a great stitching week!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Purple Ornament

Ok, now that things have hopefully settled down a little bit I can try to return to a more regular schedule for cross-stitch J . What with the holidays (Happy Thanksgiving everyone!) and everything else I’m still not as far along as I’d like to be, but I’m getting closer. I’ve finished another ornament and this time it actually is an ornament haha. Yeah, that whimsical fantasy of not changing my mind about the designs I had picked- never going to last J . It’s ok though as everything will be more balanced now between stocking ornaments and ornament ornaments. Without further ado, here is the purple ornament, complete with difficult to see shiny threads:

Only two more stockings and one more ornament to go!
Have a great stitching week!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Little Green Stocking

Just a brief update this week. I did finish one of the stockings I had planned and got to start on the next ornament. I really liked the colors on this stocking (and on the others I plan to do too), so I may have to make a set for myself in the future J .

One more day of work and then my eight day work week will be over! I’m hopeful that then after a little rest I can finally get back to stitching.
Have a great stitching week!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Two Presents Down

I managed to finish off the gingerbread couple, which is a good thing as that is the largest picture I had planned. For mish-mashing patterns from different sources together I think they came out rather cute J .

Next I did a Christmas initial (to finish off a set that had been done previously) and I think the gold metallic really helps set if off nicely (at least in real life haha):

Slightly more exciting ornaments should commence now, as it was taking me forever to decide on patterns! Everyone else is getting a little stocking and then next year, if I give myself more time, I can be more creative haha.
Have a great stitching week!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

What a Sweet Couple!

So this week has been more of the gingerbread people. The boy cookie is completely done and the girl just needs backstitch. Then I plan to put Merry Christmas and some holly leaves on there too to finish it off. 

Next I have the framed picture of the Phantom Sisters. I decided to show it on here because I don’t often (read: never, haha) manage to frame or finish off my projects. Since this one was a gift it did get framed though (and I did it myself with lots of help J ). I painted the frame last week and the picture was presented last night along with a sprite of Mimet from the Witches 5:

I actually didn’t frame Mimet in time but I plan to. Even so, the gift was well received J .
Have a great stitching week!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Clash of the Holidays

It’s been a battle between Halloween and Christmas around here, and between you and me I think Christmas is winning J .
I’ve gotten a little farther on the Halloween Pony. The sky around the haunted house is finished now and I’ve added the two ghost portraits in the corners. After finishing up the top part I’ll probably begin working on the columns that are along the sides. Here’s what it’s looking like this week:

My Christmas stitching plans seem to be moving along very nicely though. I’ve decided to make little ornaments for my friends, so theoretically the pictures can be completed quickly. I started with the largest piece first though, which won’t be an ornament. This gingerbread couple is for a friend of mine who got married a few months ago and the cookies just reminded me of her and her husband J .

Have a great stitching week!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Return of the Sailor Scouts

First of all I wanted to say thank you for all the lovely comments people have been making. You are all very nice J .
Now, I finally have another update on the Sailor Scout sprites! Once again, these and many other awesome pictures were designed by Dork Stitch. I’m still having a blast with them, they are so cute and fun to stitch J . Here are the latest additions to the group, Sailors Jupiter, Uranus, and Mercury:

And here’s a group shot of everybody so far:

Not long to go now. The plan is to get the rest finished next month.
I’ve still been working on the Halloween Pony. The sky is finished now, incredibly, and I’ve started working on the sides. However I’ve been distracted at it’s finally occurred to me that if I want to make little ornaments for people for Christmas I kind of need to start now. (Actually I kind of needed to start weeks ago but that’s neither here nor there haha). Things are also going to be busier around here in general, but I’m determined to not let that interrupt my stitching too much. We’ll see how it goes J .
Have a great stitching week!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Results of the IHSW

I’m back with my update of the hermiting weekend. I was able to get plenty of stitching time in on Sunday, which I was quite pleased about. It was back to the Halloween Pony for me and I worked on the sky the whole time. Hard to believe the sky isn’t done yet, but with 4 shades of blue I really shouldn’t have been expecting miracles, haha.

I’m still enjoying working on it so far, but as it is such a large picture it remains to be seen if I will continue with it once October is over or not. We’ll see how I’m feeling when the time comes, as goodness knows I’m not lacking for other pictures to work on J .
Have a great stitching week!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Jack and Kat

Well, apparently I am in a Halloween mood so far this month. And yet instead of being good and continuing to work on the Halloween Pony I ended up working on another picture. It’s ok though, because this one was a fairly quick finish, meaning I can now return to my regularly scheduled cross-stitch J . So here’s Jack & Kat, one of the Calico Crossroads monthly cat designs:

I’m also participating in my first International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, hosted by Joyce at Random Ramblings. I’ve seen others take part in the past few months but this time I’m joining in too J . I plan to work once again on the Halloween Pony (honestly!) so on Monday I’ll have an update to show my progress. We’ll see what I get up to though, as it’s also my birthday today  J (so Happy Birthday to me!).
Have a great stitching weekend!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Of Ghosts and Time Lords

First up today I have another old WIP which I’ve decided to focus on this month- seemed appropriate considering the subject matter. It’s called Halloween Treat by Linda Gillum and it is one of a series of calendar carousel horses. However I tend to call it the Halloween Pony and that name stuck. No horse in sight yet, but this is where I’m currently at:

Next up, I have finally finished David’s entire face! He looks pretty good, even if he is just a floating head right now haha. I also think I’ve decided on the suit colors I want but I’ll still probably take a bit of a break from him. For now though, here he is:

Not much else going on here right now. I think I’ll leave off with a picture of a little fish I did though, just because I thought he was funny J .

Have a great stitching week!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

Yay, another long standing WIP is now done! I managed to finish Winter this week which I was a bit surprised about. The picture isn’t very big and there wasn’t much left to go but I still wasn’t sure when it would get done (what with being distracted by Halloween designs too!). However I learned that there is one good thing about having football games on all Sunday, which is that they make a nice background noise to have on but tune out so that one can then really concentrate on stitching. Ok, enough rambling though- here is the finished picture:

Now that this one is done I only have 3 old (started more than 2 years ago- eep!) pictures that I’m still working on, not counting the handful I started this year J .  Like Winter and the geisha only one is fairly small, a kit of three animal heads, with the other two being larger. Since it is now October and I am getting into the Halloween mood I’m going to try working on one of the larger pictures this month, as it is of a Halloween carousel horse so it’s perfect for the season.
Have a great stitching week!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Finish! And Another Update on David

September’s been a good month for me finish-wise. I’m up to 2 now J . I suppose this just means it will be awhile before any more occur though haha.
So for today I have the completed picture of the Phantom Sisters. I’m pretty pleased with the result, even though half the picture is misplaced. I know no one but me can tell so it isn’t important in the end, but it’s the principle of the thing. If I’m going to take time beforehand to graph out and place the figures just so, it would really help if I could then count correctly on the fabric haha. Anyway, here’s how they turned out:

I have a wooden frame that I’m thinking of painting purple and then placing them in. I might show another picture once that’s accomplished. For those who may be interested, these sprites were designed by Alcnaurewen and the patterns for these and many other Sailor Moon characters can be found here. (EDIT: Ok, for some reason the link doesn't appear to be working correctly right now, at least for me. Hopefully it will later *shrug*).
I also have gotten farther on David’s face, as the whole top half is now done:

He’s certainly coming along, but he currently looks odd to me; I think it’s because of where I stopped at. The plan now is to finish up his face and neck and then return to Snow White. This is due partly because it’s been quite awhile since I worked on her and because I want to change some colors on David. The pattern includes his suit and trench coat, but since his coat is brown (and there are a lot of other brown/peach tones in the piece) I wanted to change his suit to the dark blue one. So going back to Snow White for a bit will give me time to find alternative colors that I like J .
That’s all for now I think. I’ve got to remember to squeeze in some time on Winter too- the lake is about half done now so not much more to go! And then it will be done! Always dreaming big J .
Have a great stitching week!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's Winter! Wait, What?

Actually season-wise it’s pretending to turn into fall here. The next old WIP I decided to pick up is of a winter sunset though. It was designed by Maria Diaz, one of my favorite designers,  as I’ve done a handful of her pictures and plan to do more. However for whatever reason I lost interest in this one, which is why it’s not done yet haha. As I’m a little more than half done though and it’s not too terribly large I thought I’d work on it for a bit and see how it went.

This week I managed to finish up the sky, most of which had already been stitched. The tree was done too, so I’ve been working on the mountains and the gaps in the trunk. After that I’ll just have the lake left, but I think if I manage to finish up the mountains I’ll go work on David some more J .
Have a great stitching week!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Finish! And the Halfway Point

Well, despite my dire predictions last week about the French knots on the geisha being my doom they actually weren’t too bad. Almost fun even when I got into a rhythm with them. Little did I know that they were just lulling me into a false sense of security, as the real tricky bit turned out to be the gold metallic thread. Ah, somehow I always seem to forget how temperamental it is until I end up working with it again. I must always get distracted thinking, “Oooh, how shiny. This will be pretty!”.
Nevertheless the gold in the backstitch was finally completed and so then was the geisha herself. Here she is in all her slightly shiny glory:

Yay, another finish and the first of the many geisha kits that I have. Hopefully someday the others will join her J
Now onto another topic, I have made it halfway through the sprite Sailor Scouts designed by Dork Stitch. Here are Sailors Venus and Saturn:

It is loads of fun making these as the colors are so bright the scouts really pop once finished. And once again thanks to the amazingly awesome Dork Stitch I now have a Tuxedo Mask sprite that I will do as well. I’ll finish the rest of the other scouts first (ladies first and all that) and then I can add in the token guy J . So lots still to look forward to.
Have a great stitching week!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Geisha Makes an Appearance

Well this past week was a bit busier than usual so not too much got done on the stitching front. I’m still plugging away at the backstitch on the geisha though, so here’s an update on that:

Color wise I’ve completed 3 out of 8 colors, but really I would guess I’m about halfway through now. Those lazy daisies were a pain to do. It’s not like they’re very difficult but with two strands they were being very fiddly and uncooperative. I finally managed to conquer them, with the next obstacle being the bazillions of French knots. I will persevere though and get this lovely lady finished as she deserves (and so that I can move on to other things… haha!).
Have a great stitching week!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Return of the Good Doctor

I managed to get a little bit farther on David instead of being distracted by too many other things. He’s starting to look ok now (and look back!) but there’s still a ways to go.

In the meantime I also finally started the backstitch on the geisha and have put in a couple of colors. Hopefully now I’ve started I’ll find a rhythm and it won’t be too long before she’s finished!
Have a great stitching week!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sailor Moon

So, as the title suggests, I didn’t spend this past week working on the three projects I listed last time. Oh well, I didn’t mind too much J .
I am a huge Sailor Moon fan and have wanted to stitch pictures of the Scouts for awhile.  I didn’t think there were any available though, so I settled down to design some of my own. On my computer is a version of PC Stitch, but as I can be quite picky this process is taking me awhile.
However, while blog hopping I recently came across Dork Stitch and discovered that she had designed some very cute sprites of all the Sailor Scouts. Here are the first three I have done, Sailor Moon, Mars, and Neptune.
I plan on doing the rest over the next couple of months.
Then, on one of Dork Stitch’s posts she had links to other Sailor Moon sprite and motif patterns, which pretty much made my month J . I particularly like Alcnaurewen's sprite patterns, for she had even designed the villains which I thought was quite original. After being overwhelmed and not knowing where to start I decided to make a picture of the Phantom Sisters as a gift. So far I’ve done two of the sisters:

I’m also including black crescent moons, which is the symbol of this particular group. I’m nearly half done with this project and I’m really enjoying working on it.
Now as much as I enjoyed contemplating doing the individual groups or characters I couldn’t quite settle on an idea I liked. Then I realized that the best way to get it out of my system was to design a huge picture that depicted the forces of good and evil facing off (almost literally). This way I can stitch all the characters together! As extensive as Alcnaurewen's patterns were though, in my initial planning stages I found there were some characters I wanted to include that she didn’t have so I’ve been working on designing them, using her figures for reference. I hope to be finished with the designing and layout stages of the picture within the next couple of months so that I can start this project next year.
Ok, enough about Sailor Moon for now! I have managed to work on David a bit this past week and hope to do some more this upcoming week. Next week I’ll have another picture of him and perhaps another one of my current projects (which I need to finish so I can start my Ultimate Sailor Moon picture haha!)
Have a great stitching week!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

First Post!

After being inspired by all the fabulous stitchers out there I decided to start a blog to document my own stitching adventures. My mom taught me to cross-stitch when I was younger and I’ve been doing it off and on for about 11 years now.
Currently I’m attempting to finish up some projects I started a while ago, but it’s slow going as I also like starting new things! J
First up is Elegant Geisha from the Gold Collection, which is getting close to finished now with only the backstitch left to go.

Next is a picture of Snow White which I recently started (and is partially why the geisha isn’t done!).

Finally for today is another recent start, David Tennant as Dr. Who from Quick & Easy.

So there are the pictures I’m supposed to be working on right now, along with a few others. Hopefully seeing them up here now will encourage me to move them along. J