Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Finish! And the Halfway Point

Well, despite my dire predictions last week about the French knots on the geisha being my doom they actually weren’t too bad. Almost fun even when I got into a rhythm with them. Little did I know that they were just lulling me into a false sense of security, as the real tricky bit turned out to be the gold metallic thread. Ah, somehow I always seem to forget how temperamental it is until I end up working with it again. I must always get distracted thinking, “Oooh, how shiny. This will be pretty!”.
Nevertheless the gold in the backstitch was finally completed and so then was the geisha herself. Here she is in all her slightly shiny glory:

Yay, another finish and the first of the many geisha kits that I have. Hopefully someday the others will join her J
Now onto another topic, I have made it halfway through the sprite Sailor Scouts designed by Dork Stitch. Here are Sailors Venus and Saturn:

It is loads of fun making these as the colors are so bright the scouts really pop once finished. And once again thanks to the amazingly awesome Dork Stitch I now have a Tuxedo Mask sprite that I will do as well. I’ll finish the rest of the other scouts first (ladies first and all that) and then I can add in the token guy J . So lots still to look forward to.
Have a great stitching week!

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  1. Wow, the geisha turned out to look so nice! The gold stitching looks cool, and the flowers on her kimono are really beautiful! The Sailor scouts look really cute, too- thank you for stitching them! Do you mind being featured again?