Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's Winter! Wait, What?

Actually season-wise it’s pretending to turn into fall here. The next old WIP I decided to pick up is of a winter sunset though. It was designed by Maria Diaz, one of my favorite designers,  as I’ve done a handful of her pictures and plan to do more. However for whatever reason I lost interest in this one, which is why it’s not done yet haha. As I’m a little more than half done though and it’s not too terribly large I thought I’d work on it for a bit and see how it went.

This week I managed to finish up the sky, most of which had already been stitched. The tree was done too, so I’ve been working on the mountains and the gaps in the trunk. After that I’ll just have the lake left, but I think if I manage to finish up the mountains I’ll go work on David some more J .
Have a great stitching week!

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