Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blue Christmas

That’s for sure, haha. I’ve been seeing only blue this week, but as a result a small stitching miracle has occurred and I finished two more presents! Color me surprised, for now the end is in sight J . Here is the first gift, a blue stocking to match the green one, with a different snowflake design:

And a blue ornament as well:

Thanks once again for all your lovely comments and encouragement, they’re really helping me get through these quickly J . Now for a brief break before tackling my last stocking!
Have a great stitching week!


  1. These look really good, too, and I hope your last stocking goes well! (For your sake, I hope the stocking's not blue, too.)

  2. Okay, I really liked the green stocking but I love the blue one, haha. I might be biased though; blue's my favorite color. :D For me, two finishes in one week would probably mean the end of the world is near. Congrats on yours and celebrate when you finish your last stocking~

  3. The blue stocking looks great, very vibrant blue and it looks icy. Cant wait for the next one :)