Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Finish! And Another Update on David

September’s been a good month for me finish-wise. I’m up to 2 now J . I suppose this just means it will be awhile before any more occur though haha.
So for today I have the completed picture of the Phantom Sisters. I’m pretty pleased with the result, even though half the picture is misplaced. I know no one but me can tell so it isn’t important in the end, but it’s the principle of the thing. If I’m going to take time beforehand to graph out and place the figures just so, it would really help if I could then count correctly on the fabric haha. Anyway, here’s how they turned out:

I have a wooden frame that I’m thinking of painting purple and then placing them in. I might show another picture once that’s accomplished. For those who may be interested, these sprites were designed by Alcnaurewen and the patterns for these and many other Sailor Moon characters can be found here. (EDIT: Ok, for some reason the link doesn't appear to be working correctly right now, at least for me. Hopefully it will later *shrug*).
I also have gotten farther on David’s face, as the whole top half is now done:

He’s certainly coming along, but he currently looks odd to me; I think it’s because of where I stopped at. The plan now is to finish up his face and neck and then return to Snow White. This is due partly because it’s been quite awhile since I worked on her and because I want to change some colors on David. The pattern includes his suit and trench coat, but since his coat is brown (and there are a lot of other brown/peach tones in the piece) I wanted to change his suit to the dark blue one. So going back to Snow White for a bit will give me time to find alternative colors that I like J .
That’s all for now I think. I’ve got to remember to squeeze in some time on Winter too- the lake is about half done now so not much more to go! And then it will be done! Always dreaming big J .
Have a great stitching week!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's Winter! Wait, What?

Actually season-wise it’s pretending to turn into fall here. The next old WIP I decided to pick up is of a winter sunset though. It was designed by Maria Diaz, one of my favorite designers,  as I’ve done a handful of her pictures and plan to do more. However for whatever reason I lost interest in this one, which is why it’s not done yet haha. As I’m a little more than half done though and it’s not too terribly large I thought I’d work on it for a bit and see how it went.

This week I managed to finish up the sky, most of which had already been stitched. The tree was done too, so I’ve been working on the mountains and the gaps in the trunk. After that I’ll just have the lake left, but I think if I manage to finish up the mountains I’ll go work on David some more J .
Have a great stitching week!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Finish! And the Halfway Point

Well, despite my dire predictions last week about the French knots on the geisha being my doom they actually weren’t too bad. Almost fun even when I got into a rhythm with them. Little did I know that they were just lulling me into a false sense of security, as the real tricky bit turned out to be the gold metallic thread. Ah, somehow I always seem to forget how temperamental it is until I end up working with it again. I must always get distracted thinking, “Oooh, how shiny. This will be pretty!”.
Nevertheless the gold in the backstitch was finally completed and so then was the geisha herself. Here she is in all her slightly shiny glory:

Yay, another finish and the first of the many geisha kits that I have. Hopefully someday the others will join her J
Now onto another topic, I have made it halfway through the sprite Sailor Scouts designed by Dork Stitch. Here are Sailors Venus and Saturn:

It is loads of fun making these as the colors are so bright the scouts really pop once finished. And once again thanks to the amazingly awesome Dork Stitch I now have a Tuxedo Mask sprite that I will do as well. I’ll finish the rest of the other scouts first (ladies first and all that) and then I can add in the token guy J . So lots still to look forward to.
Have a great stitching week!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Geisha Makes an Appearance

Well this past week was a bit busier than usual so not too much got done on the stitching front. I’m still plugging away at the backstitch on the geisha though, so here’s an update on that:

Color wise I’ve completed 3 out of 8 colors, but really I would guess I’m about halfway through now. Those lazy daisies were a pain to do. It’s not like they’re very difficult but with two strands they were being very fiddly and uncooperative. I finally managed to conquer them, with the next obstacle being the bazillions of French knots. I will persevere though and get this lovely lady finished as she deserves (and so that I can move on to other things… haha!).
Have a great stitching week!