Sunday, January 22, 2012

January IHSW: Old, New, Borrowed, ...

And blue! Haha, yes that’s right, good old David had more blue added to his suit. This side still isn’t quite finished, but it’s getting there.

I also did as I hinted and started a new project as well. The fabric isn’t borrowed, it was paid for haha, but it’s acting as a test piece for me. It’s 20 ct Lugana, which I’m testing out to see how I like it, with the possibility of using the same fabric for my big HAED. So far it’s going well:

The pattern is one that was designed by Kell at Kincavel Krosses. She certainly has some interesting ones J.
Have a great stitching week!


  1. Wow, both of those look really cool! The suit looks like it would be really fun to stitch, and I love the intricate black stitching on the bright red fabric! It's really bold and nifty looking.

  2. Oh, I like both! Your doctor is looking more and more splendid, and I love the color of the new fabric and the contrast of your lovely stitching :D

  3. I absolutely love the colour of your Lugana fabric. Your stitching looks so good on it <3 And needless to say, David looks awesome! :D

  4. Loving David!!!

    New start looks great. I like the black on red.

  5. Hi

    Your projects are ace.

    The colour of that Laguna is gorgeous.

  6. Like David a kiddo would love it. Do you know which issue it came out of?