Saturday, February 4, 2012

What can brown do for you?

To be honest it’s not doing a whole heck of a lot for me at the moment, haha. But the important thing is that the brown coat has been started:

Ta da! Woo hoo, I never thought I would finish his suit on that side. Now I’ve just got the brown to go and then he’s at least that much closer to being done J .
I’ll be back on Tuesday with my update on some other pictures for the next WIPocalypse check in. Until then,
Have a great stitching week!
(P.S. This pattern of David Tennant appeared in Quick and Easy magazine issue 137).


  1. Loving this project. It's looking good great job

  2. It is looking very nice and my daughter just caught it too and she liked it a lot. Thanks for the information on which issue it is from.

  3. I love brown, sp I think it can do miracles, lol, like colouring David's coat that I adore too XD Thanks for the info on the pattern!

  4. He's looking great! Makes me wish that magazine was available here... I'll have to haunt eBay, I guess! congrats on your lovely progress!

  5. Everytime I see this, I wanna rewatch Dr. Who. LOL!!!

  6. awesome! I knew there was a pattern out there for him, I haven't gotten the magazine though.