Monday, March 19, 2012

IHSW for March

Another third weekend has come and gone so it’s time for an update! The hermitting aspect didn’t go too well, but I still got some stitches in J. I worked again on the animal heads after a week long absence and it was good to get back to them. I only filled in a portion of the leopard’s ears though, so not much is new.

I was able to finish two sprites I had stared though. These are part of the group of things I’m making for my friend’s birthday. They’re from the very neat patterns that Dork Stitch makes; Sailor Jupiter you’ve seen before, but this time I made Lita (Makoto) too. The plan for these is to turn them into a pair of magnets.

Now to get on with making the last few presents before I run out of time, haha!
Have a great stitching week!


  1. That animal project is going to be so cool! The animals are really detailed, and it looks interesting to make, too. Also, the sprites are spiffy- I think you're the first person to stitch one of the standard clothes versions of them! ^^ I hope they make nice magnets!

  2. They all look cute and at least you got some stitching done :)

  3. All of the stitching looks great! I nomonated you for an award, so you can take it from my blog :)