Thursday, March 8, 2012

March WIPocalypse update

Alright, it’s full moon time again, so that means another check in. What have I been doing this past month? Not too much it feels like, but slowly progress is being made J. I continued to add more to my London picture and got everything up to the same place. You can see where I left off in this post here. I also made some more progress on David and finished one side of him, which you can see here.
Once March started I decided to get out another project that’s on my WIPocalypse list and one I haven’t worked on in forever. It’s probably the oldest WIP I have going so I thought I would see if I could move it along some. Here’s where I left off many a year ago:

It’s a Dimensions kit of three animal heads titled, not surprisingly, Wildlife Trio. The dark brown that is stitched is actually all there is of that color (apparently I was way into counting back then, and way better at it too, haha). But now after working on it for the past week it looks like this:

Woah, there’s a giraffe head! He’s actually done now except for the backstitch and I’ve made small starts on the leopard and zebra heads. I suppose it’s just proof that it’s not that hard (so I’m not sure why it laid around all those years), but it’s moving now J. Who knows, maybe my March Madness goal will be to see if I can finish it up, haha.
Finally for today I have another update on Blue Moon. It’s starting to live up to its name, as I recently put in some 939 on the right side. With the exception of one stitch (where I need to look up the correct color) the first 300 stitches in the upper left corner are done. Woo hoo!

Have a great stitching week!


  1. Interesting little sneak peeks of what is to come. I think the first one looks like Casper the Ghost!


  2. I like the little giraffe! Congrats on your progress.

  3. Love a start....I make quite a few of them....well done!!

  4. Looks like you have gotten quite a bit done - amazing how many of us just needed that little push that Measi gave us!

  5. That's awesome to have so kuch of your oldest wip done! It looks great. And I'm in love with the colours of Blue Moon too :)

  6. Aww, the giraffe is really cute, and is that a Zebra I can made great progress, can't wait to see more.

  7. I love giraffes and yours is so cute! :D