Thursday, July 12, 2012

Animal Heads Complete!

Woo hoo, they’re done! The last of the backstitching went in a couple of days ago, so now I can finally cross my oldest WIP off my list J.

They turned out a lot better than I was expecting, which is a good thing J. The leopard in particular I think came out well, but all the animals are nice. Now one of the projects on my WIPocalypse list is done. I didn’t actually list finishing any projects as my part of my goals (I said I just wanted to work on them all, haha), but I was secretly hoping some would get finished. So, now onto the next victim er, project J.

Have a great stitching week!


  1. Congrats for a cute finish! I like the zebra best, and the little elephants in the background are just darling! :)

  2. They're beautiful! And those wee elephants are soooo cute!

  3. Hi just found your blog.Great finish.

  4. It looks great! congrats on the finish.