Friday, August 31, 2012

August WIPocalypse Post Take 2

It’s still August, but tonight is another full moon meaning another WIPocalypse update! I had greatly hoped to have two (yes two!) finishes to show off this time, but it wasn’t meant to be. Still, I have one finish to report and that’s something, haha! I have finished stitching David Tennant portraying Doctor Who and you can see what he ended up looking like in this post here.

Here’s Blue Moon once again as well (very appropriate name too, considering the day!).

I believe I said last time that I was going to try to get up through row 20 done. That didn’t quite happen, but the first 17 rows are done now, with a bit more besides J. See, it is growing, bit by bit J.

As always, I can hope for more progress next time, but I don’t think I did too badly this month. Until then,

Have a great stitching week!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Introducing the 10th Time Lord

Woo hoo!! He’s finished at last! For some reason that brown just seemed to really drag on, but we got there in the end J. Here he is, in all his timey-wimey glory:

Well, now David’s all finished that means I get to start something else, right? Decisions, decisions.

Have a great stitching week!

Monday, August 20, 2012

August IHSW

Well, the weekend is over and I have some progress to report! Mostly it was a brown weekend, so here’s the update on David:

Just under 20 rows of brown left haha! (Can you tell I’m getting anxious to be through them? No? Ok, good J). Every time I put something in writing I seem to go back on it, but I think it’s about time I get down to business and finish him up. Alright, now that that resolution is out there, what else can I work on …

Have a great stitching week!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Gearing Up for the Hermitage

I’m considering this a late post from last weekend rather than an early post for this weekend J. This weekend is the next International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, so I’ll get some more progress done on some of my pictures and then have another update, yay!

So here’s the latest shot of how David’s coat is going:

I’ve still done some more since this photo, but it was a little slow going as I had a visit from the frog, haha. Everything’s been fixed now though and he’s slowly progressing once again- I’m counting down on the number of brown rows left. I believe I still have about 30 to go, haha!

Now I finally have finished the first character in the Sailor Moon piece, so here is Princess Chibiusa in a very pink dress:

Yay, one down, 119 to go J. I’ve already started on the next figure, one of the bad guys this time, so with luck I’ll have another one finished in time for the WIPocalypse post.

Alright, happy hermitting everyone and have a great stitching week(end)!

Friday, August 3, 2012

August WIPocalypse #1

I wanted to start today’s update by thanking everyone for the lovely comments they’ve been leaving! I really do appreciate them, so thank you! J

First order of business for today will be to report that the Animal Heads (Wildlife Trio) picture is finally finished! You can see what it looks like in this post here. One down and … many more to go, haha!

I’ve also been slowly adding more to Blue Moon. I don’t work on this one as much as I probably should, but it is growing J. The first 13 rows are all done, so now I’m going to concentrate on trying to get up to 20 done.

Next up, I’ve returned to working on David:

His suit is just about complete, but I’ve started on his coat so I can get a better sense of what should be dark blue and what should be dark brown. Not too much more to go, but I may take a break from him before too long.

Lastly for today, I have my first update on my Sailor Moon project! There’s no good reason why this character isn’t done yet either, except that I got into working on David.

So Princess Chibiusa is the first one being stitched. I just need to finish her hair and dress and then I can draw who the next character will be. I will say that next up is going to be a bad guy as I’m going to flip flop between good and bad.

Have a great stitching week!