Friday, August 17, 2012

Gearing Up for the Hermitage

I’m considering this a late post from last weekend rather than an early post for this weekend J. This weekend is the next International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, so I’ll get some more progress done on some of my pictures and then have another update, yay!

So here’s the latest shot of how David’s coat is going:

I’ve still done some more since this photo, but it was a little slow going as I had a visit from the frog, haha. Everything’s been fixed now though and he’s slowly progressing once again- I’m counting down on the number of brown rows left. I believe I still have about 30 to go, haha!

Now I finally have finished the first character in the Sailor Moon piece, so here is Princess Chibiusa in a very pink dress:

Yay, one down, 119 to go J. I’ve already started on the next figure, one of the bad guys this time, so with luck I’ll have another one finished in time for the WIPocalypse post.

Alright, happy hermitting everyone and have a great stitching week(end)!

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  1. Oh, lol 30 rows left still sounds more comforting than 119 to go! Good luck with all your project, they look great!