Monday, December 31, 2012

December WIPocalypse Wrap Up

Alrighty, we survived the ending of the Mayan calendar and finished out the WIPocalypse! It’s time to make the final update and re-visit a bit of what I did.

So, at roughly this time last year I made my goals post and I had 6 things currently started (is that all?). My conservative goal was to work on everything I had going at least once, a goal which proved to be too ambitious as I didn’t quite manage it, haha! I’m still happy though and here’s what I did do:
I actually managed to finish two things on my list, David Tennant as Dr. Who and the Animal Heads kit (properly called Wildlife Trio).

I did not get to the Halloween Pony this year (poor Halloween Pony). Better luck to him next year.

Everything else on the list I did work on at least once, yay! First up is the progress I made on Snow White:

I lied to myself again and after my last statement about taking a little break from her I did do some more on her this month. I’m just hopeless I guess J. No, her skirt still isn’t done but I got a kit for Christmas that I’ve said I can’t start until all the cross-stitching on her is complete (see what I did there, haha) so now with this added motivation I may finally finish her up!
The London at Twilight picture is next:

I’ve broken the picture down into 20 x 20 squares to see how I liked doing it that way. I wanted to do about 1 square a month (didn’t happen) but I did put on another 5 squares this year.
Lastly, the secret picture for my mom which turned out to be the not so secret HAED dragon.

Here’s where I am up to right now. With luck I would like to get him finished next year as he was my very first HAED start. Aside from the sense of accomplishment that would bring I have about half a dozen other HAEDs waiting to be worked on, so he needs to get done, haha.

That’s it for the ones I had started at the beginning of the year. I also listed a few that I wanted to start which included:
The 2012 HAED Freebie SAL, where I chose to stitch on SK Blue Moon by Linda Ravenscroft. Here’s where I ended up at.

Tons of confetti going on in this piece, but I’m proud of how far I got. I’m going to continue working on it, but yes, I also signed up for next year’s Freebie SAL (I chose QS Heather by Hannah Lynn) so I’ve a feeling I’m going to get distracted J.
I also started not one but two of Marta Dahlig’s seven deadly sins, again charted by HAED. Here are Sloth (blue) and Gluttony (pink):

The first 10 rows of page 1 are complete on both pictures (with a bit more besides). Sloth was officially on my list to be started, and even though Gluttony wasn’t I didn’t end up starting the Summer Lady by Maria Diaz, so I’ll just replace her with Gluttony and call it good J. I’m excited to see how these two progress next year as I’m hoping to get at least 2 pages done on each of them.
Finally (jeez, this goes on forever doesn’t it?) I did get to start my epic Sailor Moon piece that I was so excited about. I finished two characters on it (see sidebar) and started a third:

Yes, this is Chibiusa (or Rini) again, this time in her school outfit. There are myriad reasons why she’s not done yet (I didn’t like her hair color and needed to fix it; I got distracted by other projects) but probably the main one is that I actually don’t quite like her character enough to already be stitching her a second time. Thus are the draw backs of having the stitching order be determined by randomly drawing out names and then being forced to stitch whatever you pull, haha! Oh well, I do want to progress on this piece next year, so I’ll try to get her finished up soon so that I can (finally!) move on to somebody else J.

Whew, I think that just about does it! Additionally from these I did some other projects, most of them small with the ABCs of Aging Artfully thrown in for kicks, so all in all not a bad year. Here’s to next year being as kind J.

Have a great stitching week!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Stitching

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done any updating. December seems rather to have gotten away from me. I thought I’d do a quick one to get back in the habit. Here’s the Christmas ornament I made for my mom this year:

Final WIPocalypse post of the year forthcoming.

Have a great stitching week!