Tuesday, March 19, 2013

IHSW March

Same old story going on here. First up is the Samurai.

My goal was to finish off all the red on that sleeve but that didn’t quite happen. Only a color and a half to go though J.

I made it a bit further on the Dragon, but I’m still working on the large black section.

Finally, here’s Sloth once again.

More blue! Only made it through 4 rows this week but I did finish off my first skein of 939, so that’s something!

Have a great stitching week!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More Pink Updates

Back again with progress on my pink pictures. First up is Gluttony.

Slow going it seemed like but I did finish off the color I was working on. Her drapes continue to fill out and now there’s a gap for more of the neon border J.

The other gal of the week was Heather.

I’m still working on the top half of page 1 but I couldn’t resist sneaking over to page 2 to do some more … black. There is extra pink in her hair now though and her goggles have been started as well.

I also started working on the next sprite for my Sailor Moon piece, but I’m holding off on a picture for now.

Have a great stitching week!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Another Snowy Monday

Alright, another three projects to report on. If I’m not careful, I might start thinking I’m finally getting productive haha!

The Samurai is first up. He got some more work done on his sleeve with another color filled in now.

I also just started the next color, so we’re moving away from the corals and onto the reds J.

Next, the good ol’ dragon made an appearance.

Some more black on the D got filled in, and if I ever finish all the black there won’t be too much left to go on this page.

Last up is Sloth once again. More blue!

Woo hoo, I now have the first 20 rows of page 1 done! And the rows are finally starting to get shorter (only 115 stitches long now, haha) as I’ve hit part of the circular border on the other side. Slow and steady J.

Have a great stitching week!