Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Ornament

I thought I’d end the year by showing my final finish. Here’s this year’s Christmas ornament for my mom:

This is Santa in a cupcake, designed by Lucie Heaton. Of course, he may not end up as an ornament (my mom’s gift for me this year became a coaster) but that’s still to be decided J. I’m still working on finalizing my stitching goals for next year. I’m already looking forward to some new starts I’ve got planned J.
Happy New Year!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Project Update

I have two updates to show today of what I’ve been mostly working on during the last month. First up is Celtic Spring:

Except for the beading and very minimal backstitch her head is now complete! I really enjoyed working on her but I finished the mini goal I set on her so I moved on to the Russian Angel.
Her head is now complete too! I am counting her among my spate of recent new starts even though I initially began her in January. She’s stitched on 28 count antique white evenweave. This particular batch of fabric is rather speckly (more so than I thought antique white was normally) and while I think it suits the project there was this splotch farther down that really started to bug me. So I actually restarted her on another piece of fabric – still speckly but splotch free – this past September. That’s why she still seems rather new J. I’ve put her away for now too so that I can see about trying to complete a few more of my remaining goals for other projects.
Have a great stitching week!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Project Potpourri

I seem to have been better at finding time to stitch lately but not at finding time to post! I had intended to post an update when I was halfway through the backstitch on the Summer Lady but… I’ve finished the backstitch now so I might as well just show the completed project J.

So there is the Summer Lady in all her completed glory! It’s been a little while since I started her so I’ll just say again that she was designed by Maria Diaz and appeared in issue #21 (USA numbering) of Cross Stitch Gold magazine. I really enjoyed stitching her, she had been on my to stitch list for quite a while and the various sections of her dress stitched up quite nicely. She’s part of a series of four seasonal Art Nouveau/Deco ladies by Maria so I’m looking forward to completing the other three.
I think I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I had started some new projects. Here’s one of them:
This is my start on Celtic Spring by Lavender and Lace. She’s of course part of another series of seasonal ladies that I’ve admired for some time so I finally got around to starting one J.
I’ll save my other starts for when I’ve gotten a bit further along. I say this because oddly it seems like there is something about new starts that makes me want to work on older projects, haha.
I finished the red portion and yellow belt on the Samurai. I aim to finish up his hands and katana next.
London came out long enough for me to add another 400 stitches.
Here’s one that really doesn’t get worked on too often. It’s the Halloween Carousel Horse by Linda Gillum (I just call him the Halloween Pony J ). I started in on the column on the left hand side and it was nice to work on it again. This one and London are my two oldest WIPs and were started at the same time. I’ve sort of picked London to be the first one of these I’m aiming to finish so that one usually gets worked on much more J.
I also put in some more work on Sloth (one of my HAEDs) but as it still looks like an endless field of blue I decided to bypass a picture this time J.
Have a great stitching week!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Summer Returns

Oops, it has been awhile. At least I have made some progress to show J.

All of the half and cross stitches are complete on the Summer Lady! I was very excited to be finished with all the metallic even though in the right light it really makes the piece sparkle. I’m already about half way through the back stitch so not too much longer before this little lady is done J.
I’ve made some progress on other pieces too and made some new starts (yay!) but I think I’ll save those for another post.
Have a great stitching week!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Splendidly Silver

Well jump back, I actually came through on what I said previously, haha! I’ve finished all the metallic silver stitching on the Summer Lady.

It doesn’t necessarily show up well in the photo, but the silver comprises the outer border and the edges of her dress and sleeve. I even managed to make a start on the gold metallic stitching, but so far it’s not proving as cooperative. Good thing there isn’t as much of it!
Have a great stitching week!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Double Edition of Sailor Moon

Although it’s been sporadic I’ve still found some stitching time! In honor of the start up of the new Sailor Moon anime I’ve been working on my sprite collage some more. I was all set to post my latest finish when I realized there was another one I hadn’t posted yet either. Oops J. This shall be remedied forthwith. Previously I had finished another villain, Sailor Lead Crow:

Last week I completed another figure for the good guys, Minako in a kimono:

She is super orange! I really like how she came out. It’s time for another bad guy next but in the meantime I really am almost done with the silver stitching on the Summer Lady J.
Have a great stitching week!  

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Samurai and Summer Lady

Distracty things have been distracting me of late. I thought I’d better make a post before I forgot what I had done, haha! Here’s what I did during the first part of the month:

The second sleeve on the Samurai is finished! I even moved onto the bit of tree on the right but it’s still a work in progress.

More silver! This pattern is divided across four pages and while the pages aren’t equal sizes I can still claim that all of the silver stitching on the right half of the design is finished. Yay! Just the left half and the gold to go now J.
Have a great stitching week!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Small Successes

I’ve made a bit more progress lately J. First up, I’ve finished one of the Samurai’s sleeves and begun working on the other one:

After I knock out that second sleeve I’m trying to decide which area to focus on next. My choices are to start in on the yellows and do his belt, switch back to some red, or really mix things up and start work on the tree. I suppose I should make sure I finish the sleeve first though, haha!
And, drum roll please, I’ve finally finished… the half stitches on the Summer Lady! Yay!

I’ve begun working on the metallic stitches, which are the last hurdles before the backstitch. It’s not going too badly yet. I changed it a bit as I’m only doing them in one strand instead of two, but so far so good. The silver ones I’ve done so far are on her dress sleeve on the right hand side and the beginnings of the outer border. Lots more fun to look forward to though J.
Have a great stitching week!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tag Team

Since I don’t really enjoy big blocks of color even when all I need to do are easy half stitches I inevitably always start to drag if I reach that point on a picture. Long story short, no, the background on the Summer Lady is still not done yet haha! But here she is so far:

To motivate myself a bit I’ve been alternating between her and the Samurai. He’s coming along again as I’ve finished the top red portion now and started in on his sleeve.

Have a great stitching week!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

IHSW February 2014

Another hermitage just went by so it’s time for another update J. I’ve been working on the half stitch background on the Summer Lady.

Here’s where I’ve gotten to so far. This wasn’t all done this past weekend, just the majority of the solid block on the left. Not too much more to go, I’m about halfway through that section.

Have a great stitching week!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Summer Lady Update

Here’s another update on the Summer Lady. I’ve finished her dress and therefore all of the cross-stitch in the main design.

I’ve now begun to work on the background, which is just half stitch in two strands so it’s coming along. Once that portion is done it’ll just be the metallic stitching and back stitching left to do J.
Have a great stitching week!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dragon Happy Dance!!

Woo hoo, it’s finally happened! I have finished the Dragon!

Focusing on individual sections at the end really seems to have helped move him along. There were times when it seemed as though he would never be finished, but now he is J. He is also my first HAED finish, so yay!
Hopefully I’ll be back soon with an update on the Summer Lady J.
Have a great stitching week!

Monday, January 20, 2014

IHSW January 2014

Another hermitage weekend has come and gone but a few different projects got worked on this time.

I’m inching ever closer on this guy! I went back to concentrating on specific sections and it seems to have helped. Just one background section and the rest of his tail left to go J.

I also managed to finish the next portion of the Summer Lady’s dress. Only one more section left, so she’s still moving along at a nice pace.

Here’s that new start I’ve been threatening, haha! This is the Russian Angel by Barbara Baatz. I’ve done a few of her fairies but always wanted to try out her angels. Still trying to determine if I like the fabric color I picked out- I think it’ll work out alright. Not a lot to see yet but that is the beginning of her head scarf.

Have a great stitching week!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Post for a New Year

Well, we’re not quite a week into the new year and I think it’s gotten off to a decent start J. I’ve even managed a couple of finishes so far.

On New Year’s Day I finished another figure on my Sailor Moon piece. To be more specific, it’s Artemis the cat:
He was adapted from the Luna pattern designed by Dork Stitch- all I did was to change around the colors. Hopefully I can get a few more figures done this year J.
I also managed to finish the dragon ornament I was making for my mom.

I think he turned out pretty well! I ventured into some new territory with the fuzzy thread but once I just ignored how frumpy I thought the stitches looked we got along quite well, haha!
Speaking of dragons, I have still been plugging away at my HAED:

He is so close to being done! I do plan to hopefully finish him this year, but my mojo for him has waned once again.
In the meantime the Summer Lady is coming along quite well:

Her dress is fairly close to being finished, there’s just one more section after the blue one. Then it’s just the metallic stitching and background left to go!
I’m also planning a new start in the near future as several pictures are calling to me, so I’m quite looking forward to the year ahead J.
Have a great stitching week!