Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Post for a New Year

Well, we’re not quite a week into the new year and I think it’s gotten off to a decent start J. I’ve even managed a couple of finishes so far.

On New Year’s Day I finished another figure on my Sailor Moon piece. To be more specific, it’s Artemis the cat:
He was adapted from the Luna pattern designed by Dork Stitch- all I did was to change around the colors. Hopefully I can get a few more figures done this year J.
I also managed to finish the dragon ornament I was making for my mom.

I think he turned out pretty well! I ventured into some new territory with the fuzzy thread but once I just ignored how frumpy I thought the stitches looked we got along quite well, haha!
Speaking of dragons, I have still been plugging away at my HAED:

He is so close to being done! I do plan to hopefully finish him this year, but my mojo for him has waned once again.
In the meantime the Summer Lady is coming along quite well:

Her dress is fairly close to being finished, there’s just one more section after the blue one. Then it’s just the metallic stitching and background left to go!
I’m also planning a new start in the near future as several pictures are calling to me, so I’m quite looking forward to the year ahead J.
Have a great stitching week!


  1. I really like the dragon ornament! The fuzzy in his hat looks great. :)

  2. Wow two great finishes. Lovely progress on your other projects. Good luck with getting back your mojo to finish off that dragon.

  3. Artemis and the little dragon both look adorable! also - wow! You are really close to being done on those other two!