Sunday, October 19, 2014

Project Potpourri

I seem to have been better at finding time to stitch lately but not at finding time to post! I had intended to post an update when I was halfway through the backstitch on the Summer Lady but… I’ve finished the backstitch now so I might as well just show the completed project J.

So there is the Summer Lady in all her completed glory! It’s been a little while since I started her so I’ll just say again that she was designed by Maria Diaz and appeared in issue #21 (USA numbering) of Cross Stitch Gold magazine. I really enjoyed stitching her, she had been on my to stitch list for quite a while and the various sections of her dress stitched up quite nicely. She’s part of a series of four seasonal Art Nouveau/Deco ladies by Maria so I’m looking forward to completing the other three.
I think I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I had started some new projects. Here’s one of them:
This is my start on Celtic Spring by Lavender and Lace. She’s of course part of another series of seasonal ladies that I’ve admired for some time so I finally got around to starting one J.
I’ll save my other starts for when I’ve gotten a bit further along. I say this because oddly it seems like there is something about new starts that makes me want to work on older projects, haha.
I finished the red portion and yellow belt on the Samurai. I aim to finish up his hands and katana next.
London came out long enough for me to add another 400 stitches.
Here’s one that really doesn’t get worked on too often. It’s the Halloween Carousel Horse by Linda Gillum (I just call him the Halloween Pony J ). I started in on the column on the left hand side and it was nice to work on it again. This one and London are my two oldest WIPs and were started at the same time. I’ve sort of picked London to be the first one of these I’m aiming to finish so that one usually gets worked on much more J.
I also put in some more work on Sloth (one of my HAEDs) but as it still looks like an endless field of blue I decided to bypass a picture this time J.
Have a great stitching week!


  1. Wow stunning finish. Lots of great stitching there. Seeing your Celtic Spring makes me want to take mine out of the bag for a while.

  2. Geez that's a lot of work! Congrats!

  3. Beautiful finish and well done getting stitches in all of your other pieces!

  4. Summer Lady is beautiful! There's something so great about the art nouveau style, isn't there? Get startitis and do the other three All At Once! :D

    Still loving that border of Halloween pony. If I didn't know it was going to be a carousel horse, I'd guess it'd be a fancy sampler!