Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Progress

A new stitching year is underway and so far things are off to a good start J. Here’s an update on all the projects I worked on this month. It being the beginning of the year I always make a very ambitious goal list for myself- it’s fun until I realize I’ve overreached a bit once again! We’ll begin with the new starts for 2015 so far J.

First up is the project I’ve termed the Winter Lady.
She is part of the same series as the Summer Lady, which I completed last year. She’s coming along very nicely- her skin and hair are complete already and I had to stop her at this point so I could work on some other pictures J. Next month I’ll begin work on her art deco dress, which I’m looking forward to. She is designed by Maria Diaz and appeared in issue 25 (USA numbering) of Cross Stitch Gold.
Here’s my small start on The Twisted Band Sampler by Northern Needlework Expressions. After seeing several lovely versions completed by other stitchers I caved and started my own. I’m doing mine in the DMC conversion- no silk thread for me yet, haha!

This is my latest new start this year; in fact I just finally started it today. I also saw many stitchers working on this piece last year and am finally starting mine. This is the Save the Stitches blackwork sampler designed by Elizabeth Almond. It’s a free pattern, released in 24 parts and can be found here. I’ll be doing the border in brown and then working the diaper (filling) patterns in purple, pink, and teal. I’m pretty excited for this one, as well as The Twisted Band Sampler and I’m looking forward to learning the new stitches and techniques involved.

Alright, onto the old starts!

I’ve been continuing to work on London again, also designed by Maria Diaz. I’m still doing this one in 20 x 20 stitch blocks and it seems to be working. I’ve only set a goal of finishing the current “row” this year (4 blocks) but I’m trying to be conservative (sometimes that happens haha).

Here’s Sloth again, one of the Seven Deadly Sins from Marta Dahlig and Heaven and Earth Designs. I probably last posted a progress picture light years ago because it really doesn’t look like progress is being made haha! I didn’t work on her last year until near the end of the year so this year my goal is to work on her a bit every week. She’s still just a solid hunk of blue background but I do really enjoy this series so I’m trying to get back into the patient swing of working on such a large pattern.

This one was actually a new start at the end of 2014. It’s called Snowflake Serenade by Country Cottage Needleworks. Not too much going on yet but I finished the large snowflake this month. I like several of CCN’s designs and this is the first one I’ve started.
Finally, I have finished another sprite on my Sailor Moon project. Her name is Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon (a mouthful!), a bad guy from season 5. She also took forever and for the opposite reason as Sloth- lots of confetti stitching. However I do like how she came out as per usual and I’m already gearing up for the next figure J.
Lots of stitching fun in store this year I think!

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  1. Eek Papillon looks great! Totally worth the extra time with all the confetti stitching, right? :D I've been sorely tempted by the Save the Stitches piece too but wow is it gigantic! It'll be great to watch yours grow~