Sunday, April 19, 2015

April Stitches

I finished the pink block of my blackwork sampler at last!

Although it’s difficult to see each section has two shades of pink in it. Here’s a close up of the different patterns.

The four shades I chose are all part of the same pink family, but I thought they would differentiate themselves a bit more than they actually do.
Even if the difference ends up being only textural I still like those shades. For all I know the purple and teal families I chose will do the same thing J. I’m going to do the connecting motifs in the same brown as the border and I think that should set off all the colors nicely.
I finally got back to my Winter Lady again.
The first portion of her dress is complete! It’s funny, she has a sort of Princess Leia look going on with the flowers in her hair, but because they are shades of white/light pink they look mostly invisible without the backstitch J. I’m about halfway done with the next section of her dress so hopefully it won’t be too much longer before that’s done.
I have another update on my Sailor Moon piece. Here is the first planetary symbol I’ve added, Saturn.
This marks the end of what I’ve termed Round 1 haha! Here’s an overall shot of the whole (huge!) thing. I did crop the photo, but to give you an idea of the size the fabric it's on is 5 feet long (on 16ct).

The last two pictures are what’s complete on the top half (good guys) and the bottom half (bad guys). I gridded out the whole piece before starting by boxing out where all the figures would go so I could work on them in any order I felt like. I used two different colors so that’s why you can’t see any of the bottom half boxes in the photos J. On to Round 2!
Finally, I recently received a new oriental kit as a gift. I love oriental themed pictures and have several I want to do. When I got my new kit I of course had to get out the others and look at them J.
This is the majority of the pieces I’d currently like to do. I even have one (and a half!) of them done. Several other stitchers are working on some of those now, so it’s great seeing what they’ll look like stitched up. Guess I’d better get busy!


  1. All of your projects are cool, but I love the blackwork sampler! The stitching is so delicate and beautiful. It's really impressive, even in photos!

  2. Your blackwork is beautiful! I love watching it grow :D
    Impressive stash, too!

  3. Hoooooo wow, I had no idea the Sailor Moon piece was going to be that big! I was thinking you were doing the individual sprites on separate scraps of fabric! That's gonna be amazing.

    Love watching the black(pink?)work sampler grow. Looking forward to the teal though. /bias. :D

  4. Your blackwork sampler looks great!! Your stitching projects look nice . First time here. Saw your blog on Rosey's post.