Sunday, October 4, 2015

Spring and Winter Again

I’ve been continuing on with Celtic Spring lately. The yellows are practically all finished now as I’ve completed her sleeve and bouquet. While I was working on her flowers the colors all just looked like a smush to me so I think it’s pretty neat how now that they’re done they actually look like something! I’ve started in on the purples in her dress, which I find more exciting J.

The background of the Winter Lady is still getting some attention too. I’m getting closer to finishing off the large top portion. I actually went out to get another skein of that color though as I don’t think I’ll be able to do the whole background with just one. Summer Lady only took one if I’m remembering correctly but perhaps because of her position there still weren’t as many stitches (or something).

I’ve made a start on the project I’m doing for the wedding. It’s one of Lizzie Kate’s 3 Little Words flip it series. It’s coming along well so far but I suppose I need to be more diligent in putting down Celtic Spring and the Winter Lady to work on it. The wedding is at the end of this month after all J!


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