Sunday, November 29, 2015

Holiday Stitching to Commence

At least, that’s what should be happening J. I’ve got my ornament for the year picked out and I will start it soon. In the meantime Celtic Spring has rather taken over.

I do love purple! It’s exciting how the swirls are beginning to take shape now. I’ll try to fit her into my holiday stitching now though, rather than the other way around J.

I have managed a bit more on the Winter Lady too. The metallic border is coming along and adding some nice sparkle to the piece.


  1. ♥ beautiful ♥ the colors on both pieces are so pretty

  2. Both pieces are looking wonderful. I understand about Spring taking over, I find she can do that!!

  3. I just find your blog congratulations for your beautiful stitches. Ciao Giovanna

  4. Your stitching is beautiful! I stitched Celtic Spring, too, and she was SO much fun to stitch!