Thursday, September 10, 2015

Birthday Stitching and Other Updates

How time flies once again! I’ve been continuing to work on the same projects as last time. I’ve finally finished all the non-metallic cross stitching on the Winter Lady and have started the half stitch background.

The background is growing fairly decently (at least when I actually work on it haha!) so that makes me happy J. Just these half stitches and the metallic stitching left before the backstitching now.

When I don’t want to work on the Winter Lady’s background I’ve been adding more to Celtic Spring.
I’ve got her sleeve and hand all finished up now and I’ve begun working on her bouquet. There’s been a lot of yellow stitching so far for a piece that’s mostly purple- I can’t wait to start in on her dress!

My mom’s birthday was yesterday (Happy Birthday again!) and I managed to get this piece finished in time:
This little guy is what I’ve mostly been working on the previous two weeks. He was well received and now that he’s done I’m going to turn my attention to a wedding stitch that needs to be started… J.