Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year

Wow, the holidays just zipped right by this year! I guess winter’s set in for good now, but at least there’s always stitching to look forward too J.

I did not manage to finish the ornament in time for Christmas- or the end of 2015 haha- but I did finish it on Jan. 1. The beading went fairly well but took longer than I thought it should (or maybe I was just more into the movie I was watching than I thought).
This is the Winter Lady as of the end of the year. I was ~1/2 done with the outer metallic border which I was pleased about. Of course on Jan. 2 I then finished the border (and thus all the stitching except for the backstitching) but I think I’ll save that picture for another day J.
Roll on 2016 stitching! J