Sunday, April 17, 2016

Uh, April?

Hey, I made it back J. You’d think all the blizzards around here lately would mean extra stitching time, but they don’t when you go out and make 6 ft. tall snowmen instead!

Anyway I have two more sprites finished that I wanted to show a few weeks ago:
Here are Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy- I love how they turned out! They are designed of course by the very awesome Dork Stitch. I don’t have any more sprites started currently but I’ve got more on my to-do list so we’ll see who makes an appearance later on.
I finished all the backstitching on the Winter Lady! Yay! I meant to take a progress photo but (and I think this happened with the Summer Lady too, haha) I just kept going so here she is:
Here are the two completed ladies together, Summer and Winter:
There are two more left in the series, Autumn and Spring:
Spring is going to be the next lady up. I don’t have any immediate plans to start her but I’m guessing that either by the end of this year or shortly after the start of next year she’ll begin showing up J.
I’ve been working intermittently on Snowflake Serenade too:
Another box has been completed and I’ve started on the neighboring one. This is a very pretty piece but man oh man do I hate how floppy the fabric is! Floppy aida apparently really weirds me out. I use a snap frame to work on it, but I can tell my mood gets dampened a bit everytime I think about working on it, haha. Oh well, I will persevere, I’m stubborn like that sometimes J.
I thought I’d end by showing an update on Sloth. I haven’t worked on her much this year but I did a lot last year and don’t think I ever posted a photo.
The entire piece is just over 3% done! Yay! Just keep stitching… J.