Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happy 2017!

Yay, a brand new year for new stitching goals! And plenty of time now for those goals to go astray, haha. I’ve made some new resolutions and hopefully they’ll stick around for a bit J.

It’s been a while once again and I have plenty of things I haven’t posted about from last year. But I plan on just easing back in so that I don’t feel I have nothing to post about later on.

First up is the annual Christmas ornament I made for my mom last year. She really loves the retro style from the sixties so this one was a big hit J.
This piece was designed by Maria Diaz (of course!) and appeared in the book Cross Stitch Cards for the Holidays. Several designers had patterns in the book and there’s one by Angela Poole and Sharon Blackman I have my eye on and may have to start soon…
Celtic Spring has been getting a fair amount of attention lately. Apparently I designated her my “football stitch”, as after the Super Bowl last year I didn’t touch her again until the new season started up in the fall. That seems to be working well for her so far.
I’m perhaps halfway, or almost halfway, done with her cape. After that I’ll still have the metallic stitching, the beading, and the lettering I’ve picked out to do, but I’m not actually going to do the elaborate border that surrounds her. I’m looking forward to seeing how far she comes along this year J.

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  1. Celtic Spring just gets more impressive. Love the ornament, look forward to seeing the other one you mentioned.