Sunday, February 5, 2017

An Introduction to Spring

I’ve only been tempted into one new start so far this year J. That certainly won’t last forever as there is some fabric on the way for one project and I’m working on wrapping the floss for another. I still have yet to post about all the projects I started last year too, haha.

My New Year’s start for this year, which finally got underway around the middle of January, is a piece I’m calling Spring Lady. Here is my start:
Since you might not be able to get too much from that blob (J) here is a picture of the finished piece:
Yes, I have finally started the third seasonal lady in the series. The designer is the ever wonderful Maria Diaz and the pattern I’m using appeared in issue 20 of Cross Stitch Gold. She’s got some really pretty purples and greens in her dress (how spring-like!) and I’m looking forward to working on her this year. With luck it won’t be too long before she can join her sisters Summer and Winter.

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